About Dr Tarzi

Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Tarzi is practicing in the field of rhinoplasty. He studied empirical sciences at Adab High School of Isfahan, meanwhile his early interest in medicine, especially surgery, augmented. In 1369 Hijri (1990), he accomplished to pass Iranian University Entrance Exam (Konkur or Concour) with the rank of 42 among all those applicants. His top rank offered him the chance to register in medicine major at Tehran University. After graduating in 1379 (2000) from Isfahan University, Dr. Tarzi specialized in otolaryngology at Shiraz University where considering its high educational standards, qualified professors along visiting significant number of patients paved his way to gain precious experience in this field.

Afterwards, he became the faculty member of Arak University of medical science. He is a renowned name in the field of plastic surgery whose patients are totally satisfied with the outcomes of the surgeries.

One of the main reason of his success is due to his innate artistry, since cosmetic surgery highly depends on surgeon’s aesthetics for appreciating and understanding the thought and conception of patients. A skilled surgeon must design the procedure based on the aesthetic analysis of the face to improve the beauty. It is worth mentioning that knowing general principles of surgery does not suffice to make a good surgeon, but being able to correctly analyze the patient’s face, including angles of eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, lip and mouth, and even angles of skin, is really important. If, and only if, a surgeon is that much qualified and experienced, he is capable of creating a new nose which meets patient’s expectation and enhance the beauty.