barbie line rhinoplasty

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barbie line rhinoplasty2

Barbie-nose Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries from long ago. It is performed to fix trauma and injuries in nose but besides this, it is also performed to get desired nose shape. So many people, who ever had rhinoplasty for cosmetic reason, had experienced a boost in self esteem.

for who and why rhinoplasty will be prformed?


Nose is the center of the face, and a beautiful nose shape can enhance the other features of a person’s face. Individuals who have a flat or a large nose, with a drooped tip or blurry impression are usually depressed about the way they look in public. This may affect their self confidence and may even act as a hinder to their progress in both personal and professional lives. Young people in particular tend to get upset about it, and stop going to college and hang out with friends. A very straightforward solution for them is the new Barbie-Doll Rhinoplasty—which will gift you a perfect face all around 360°. This procedure lifts the nose at the tip, starting from the nasal bridge, thus narrowing the nose width and giving it an uplifted look, just like a Barbie Doll has.

barbie line rhinoplasty

The nose gets an uplift from the nasal bridge to the tip

barbie line rhinoplasty1

Blurred impression gets a more distinct sharper look

Specialists say than an effective rhinoplasty takes care of the overall facial line, and not only the line and angle of the nose. Therefore an effective surgery takes care of the forehead, leading to the bridge of the nose and ending at the chin, thus giving the whole face a Barbie-doll look!

Surgical steps


  • After analyzing protrusion of your forehead and lips, individualized implants will be designed that fits shape of your nose before the surgery using a 3D scanner and Cad.
  • Analyzing the width of alar and columella, create natural Barbie doll like nose tip and ideal bridge that you want using double cartilage (cartilage of ear and nasal septum).
  • After your rhinoplasty is completed you will be able to go home, you do not need to stay overnight at the clinic.

Special features of Barbie-line rhinoplasty


  • Inject different implants to the nasal dorsum and nasal tip. For straight nasal dorsum, artificial implants such as Gore-Tex and silicone will be applied to nasal dorsum, while autologous cartilage such as cartilage of nasal septum and cartilage of ears will be used for more natural and pointy nose tip. Since 2 types of cartilages are used for nose tip, we can design your nose anyway you like. You can get a pointy, natural and noble nose that nobody will notice you ever had a surgery. Your nose will make you appear natural, nobler.
  • Rhinoplasty that creates an ideal nose tip. A nose altered by Barbie line rhinoplasty is cute, but not upturned. Pointy nose tip will make you look sexy and confident.  With nose that makes you look adorable, sophisticated, confident and sexy, you would look perfect on every occasion.
  • Customized implants, 3D virtual plastic surgery.The reason rhinoplasty make you look natural is that implants are customized to fit each individual’s nose.  Since we create implants that perfectly fit your nose shape and width of bridge, you will never have awkward looking nose.

Time of recovery


 The whole procedure takes place within 40-50 minutes only, through sedation anesthesia which relaxes a patient, and usually discharge from the hospital can be given right on the surgery day. Within 3-4 days only, the patient recovers fully, with a look that is permanent.

Effects of Barbie-Doll Rhinoplasty

 Flat nose looks prominent, drooped nasal tip gets uplifted, resulting in a clear-cut impression from being previous blurry. A sharp nose produces a strong profile of the face, and looks really impressive. Overall the person looks more confident and beautiful.

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