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Have you tried countless skin care products to fix the dark circles or bags under your eyes, but found nothing seems to work? Waking up to find dark circles and puffy bags under your eyes almost seems like an omen for the rest of the day. However, depending on the causes of your under-eye circles and

treatment of wrinkles around eyes(Crow's feet)

All your life, people have been telling you to smile. Smile for the camera. Smile to make a great first impression. Smile to show the world you are a nice person. What nobody ever told you was that all that smiling would lead to wrinkles around your eyes. We call them crow’s feet, because they

cosmetic surgery for eye enlargement

Wednesday, 08 August 2018 by
cosmetic surgery for eye enlargement

One of the most prominent  features is the Mongolian fold (medically known as the epicanthal fold) found in the corners of the eyes. The epicanthal fold forms a web across the eye and covers the medial canthus. Simply put, this fold can impair the beauty of the eyelids and makes the eyes look smaller laterally

how to get rid of double chin by liposuction and other ways

The shape of the neck and double chin is influenced by the mutual relation between three types of tissues: muscle, fat, and skin tissue. Thus, a range of factors contribute to a cosmetic deformity; therefore, there is also a variety of different surgical and nonsurgical procedures, which may correct or at least alleviate the problem – from neck lifting,

hooked nose surgery

Tuesday, 07 August 2018 by
hooked nose surgery3

An aquiline nose (also called a Roman nose or hook nose) is a human nose with a prominent bridge, giving it the appearance of being curved or slightly bent. Removing a hump from the bridge is one of the most common things people want addressed during their rhinoplasty. Nasal humps can range widely in size.

how to get rid of skinny face

Have you looked in the mirror and noticed that your skin is sagging as you get older?  Unfortunately sagging skin and loss of elasticity and volume is a natural part of the ageing process.  Growing older is inevitable but nobody wants to look aged. The good news is that doctor tarzi offer a range of anti-ageing treatments

chin augmentation

A weak or receding chin can affect your facial balance. In some cases, other facial features can appear disproportionately large in comparison to an undefined chin. A strong chin can help provide you with an aura of power and strength. Men and women who feel that they lack a strong, defined chin could benefit from

barbie line rhinoplasty

Monday, 06 August 2018 by
barbie line rhinoplasty2

Barbie-nose Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries from long ago. It is performed to fix trauma and injuries in nose but besides this, it is also performed to get desired nose shape. So many people, who ever had rhinoplasty for cosmetic reason, had experienced a boost in self esteem. for who and

nose brusing after rhinoplasty

Monday, 06 August 2018 by

The degree of swelling and bruising a patient experiences after rhinoplasty depends on the methods used, how the soft tissue is affected, whether or not bones need to be broken and whether the closed or open rhinoplasty techniques are used, among other factors. While swelling can take up to a year to fully subside, most

dry nose syndrome and its treatment

Monday, 06 August 2018 by
dry nose syndrome and its treatment

  Dryness of the nose is a common symptom of certain adverse environmental conditions and can also be a side effect of medications. The nose requires a certain level of humidity to work properly, and extremely hot or dry conditions can result in dry nose. Hot, dry climates, low humidity, and air conditioning can all