cheek augmentation without surgery by dermal filler and fat transfering

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cheek augmentation


The cheeks typically lose volume over time. This occurs due to gravitational changes experienced by their core fat pads .Many people today wish to have fuller cheeks that some treatments  has made it possible to fulfill their dreams. Changing your face’s bony features enhances the overall harmony and beauty significantly.

For improving  cheek  volume and  support to the gravity-affected features of the cheek the  first step is  having a consultation to discuss your treatment expectations with cosmetic specialist . After deciding what you wish to achieve and considering your needs, doctor will suggest which treatment which include fat or gel injection is most suitable for you and inform you of all costs and prices involved. After the consultation, and if you are happy to proceed,  you proceed with suitable treatment.

Nonsurgical  Cheek augmentation

 High, voluminous cheekbones have always been a sign of youth and beauty, but over time the cheeks begin to lose volume. As bone density diminishes and skin thins, facial folds and hollows become more pronounced, adding years to our appearance. Until recently, surgical cheek augmentation, was the only way to add volume to the cheek area. Today, a minimally-invasive, no downtime treatment is available like  dermal fillers and fat grafting  to provide volume, fullness and definition to the cheek. Cheekbones become more defined, the overlying skin looks tighter and nose to mouth folds are softened. Results last from 18-24 months or longer.

good candidate for non surgical cheek augmentation

 Any patient who desires an improvement in the size and shape of the cheeks may be suitable for this non-surgical treatment. Patients with a flat or poor mid face shape can improve the balance of their face with this treatment. Also, patients who have deformities of the cheeks either from birth or from injuries can achieve significant improvement without the pain, risk and recovery associated with surgery.


 A consultation is an opportunity to learn about the cheek augmentation procedure and the surgeon you are considering to perform it. surgeon will ask you about what you hope to achieve with cheek augmentation, and then he or she will give a professional opinion of what can be achieved realistically taking into account many variables, including your facial dimensions and shape. He or she will also help you decide the best option for cheek augmentation , the risk involved and how much the procedure will cost.

non surgical cheek augmentation

dermal filler for non-surgical cheek augmentation

cheek augmentation1

Initial consultation will determine the goals of treatment, make note of any associated abnormalities or asymmetry and plan the optimum non-surgical cheek augmentation to achieve the ideal result in each patient.


A local anaesthetic injection is used to ensure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible. Specialist dermal filler is injected into the cheeks to improve the shape, profile, projection and symmetry. Minimal discomfort is expected during the treatment and no bruising should occur with the careful techniques used. Any mild bruising will usually resolve after 1 week. Your cheeks may feel mildly tender for the first 3 – 5 days. Most of our patients are surprised to experience virtually no pain at all.


Side effects from this treatment are mild and usually include injection-related side effects such as slight redness and mild bruising or swelling. Generally, these side effects dissipate within a few hours or days. Improvement in the shape and projection of the cheeks will be seen immediately following non-surgical cheek augmentation. Any swelling will resolve within only a few days.

How long do the results last?

The dermal filler we use for this treatment has been exclusively formulated to restore contour and volume in the cheeks. It will provide long lasting improvement for approximately 18-24 months. Repeat treatments are recommended every 12 months to maintain the desired shape.

fat transfer for non sergical cheek augmentation

cheek augmentation2

A-Fat transfer, also known as fat injection, is a cosmetic procedure in which fat is removed from one area of the body (usually the waist, abdomen, or legs) and then reinjected into cheek in order to restore the volume that gives the youthful glow that all of us lose with age or with athletic activity.


  • Fat transfer may be performed with local anesthesia which is used on both the donor and recipient sites. Patients frequently also opt for a light sedation which can be achieved with nothing more than a pill.
  • Once anesthesia is administered, doctor will remove fat from the donor area with methods somewhat similar to liposuction, but with much more attention to keeping the cells alive. The abdomen, hips, and thighs are common donor sites. The fat is then prepared and carefully and methodically reinjected into the recipient sites in cheek .


  • Patients may experience some minor discomfort after the fat transfer procedure, though this tends to resolve quickly. Redness, bruising, swelling are variable but are greatly improved within 10-14 days. In general, the recovery is relatively minor and patients report that the results are absolutely worth it.
  • Fat transfer may take about an hour to perform. -Patients may experience some minor irritation and discomfort which tends to fade quickly, and which responds extremely well to oral pain medication.

How long do the results last?

  • While the results of fat transfer can vary from patient to patient, most patients see a truly remarkable effect for years, if not permanently. As much as 40-70% of the fat transferred appears to last indefinitely

Are there any alternative treatments?

Individuals who are looking for more permanent improvement may want to consider a cosmetic surgery procedure, which involves inserting a small implant  into the mid-cheek area through an incision in the mouth. We do not offer any surgical procedures. Other treatments often performed at the same visit to rejuvenate the mid to upper face include wrinkle reduction with Botox to relax frown lines and crow’s feet, dermal filler to diminish under eye hollows, and chemical skin peels  which can noticeably tighten skin and erase years from your appearance.


 Price  is dependent on many factors, which you should research on before booking an appointment.  Cheek augmentation  can cost  base on different methods and how much material you need during  each injection , and because is  made of human tissue may need repeating over time. So it is  added to your cost . Location is also vital when it comes to pricing the cheek augmentation.

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