the most effective way to diminish frown line and forehead wrinkles

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Horizontal wrinkles across the forehead and lines between the eye-brow are a common phenomenon even among young people. They are formed mainly due to the activity of the forehead muscle, which is responsible for the face mimics. Every time we raise our eyebrows, the muscle contracts and, as a result, numerous horizontal wrinkles appear on our forehead and when we frown we can see the fine lines near the brows.  We do not usually notice them at young age, as our skin is still firm and hydrated, however these wrinkles become permanent when skin loses its firmness and hydration.

 In this article ,doctor tarzi  discuss how physician is using advanced techniques including dermal fillers, botox  , fat transfer and forehead lift ,   to treat horizontal lines on the forehead and vertical lines above the nose.  The vertical lines above the nose are medically known as glabellar lines because they are located in the glabella region of the face,  above  the nose , and between the eyes brow.  More commonly, the glabellar lines are known as frown lines.

Frown lines and forehead wrinkles

Frown lines and forehead wrinkles

doctor tarzi treat the Vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows in the area known as the Glabella. These frown wrinkles can give some people an ‘angry’ appearance. These glabellar 11′s are caused by several small muscles we use in this area. We usually use these muscles for frowning and communicating anger to others. These muscles are also used when squinting, so not wearing glasses or sunglasses when you need them can make these creases develop quicker than they otherwise would. Forehead lines or wrinkles run from side to side on the forehead. Forehead lines can involve the whole forehead or be worse in certain parts of the forehead. Often the lateral (outside) part of the forehead is involved in isolation. During ageing the brow starts to sag. The forehead then tries to compensate for the saggy brow by contracting to hold the brow up. This contraction of the forehead muscle causes wrinkles on the sides of the forehead.

Different treatment for forehead wrinkles and frown lines



Frown lines on the forehead develop over the years as we contract the muscles that make us concentrate, frown or squint. Over time we develop one or two lines or grooves  between our eyebrows. Forehead wrinkle and frown lines   are one of the easiest problems to correct. A small amount of Botox will relax the over active muscles (the corrugator muscle) and, over time, reduce or eliminate the wrinkles. The effect should be a relaxed, calm brow. Botox for frown lines takes about a week to work, and usually provide an excellent result. If your wrinkles are deeper in your forehead , the combination of Botox and Juvederm/Restylane is even better and lasts longer. The two are synergistic and are able to get rid of them much better when combined.

Gel injection

 Different treatment for forehead wrinkles and frown lines

The treatment is designed for any woman or man who feels uncomfortable with wrinkles across the forehead and lines near eye brow. This usually happens at the age of 40, especially with people who have dynamic facial expressions. The gel is injected evenly into the skin on this area . The treatment is performed with a needle which injects proper amount of the product along each crease with numerous punctures. It can also be distributed along the wrinkle from one puncture on each side of the crease with special elastic cannula. After the injection, the product is evenly distributed and massaged properly by the practitioner. After the treatment the wrinkles look filled and visibly more shallow. The skin on the forehead is firmer due to improved hydration and smoother, especially when the muscle is relaxed. The natural property of hyaluronic acid is to gradually absorb water and increase its volume so the volumising result of the injection is even more distinct many weeks after the treatment. Hyaluronic acid is also responsible for the production of collagen so the final result is replenished volume and younger looking skin


Facial creases such as frown lines, forehead wrinkle and crow’s feet result when the underlying tissues that keep our skin looking youthful and plumped up begin to break down. To correct these effects, fat can be removed from the abdomen, thighs or other areas and transferred by injection to areas of the face. doctor tarzi uses fat transfer for  minimize lines between the eyebrow, correct skin depressions or indentations and minimize forehead wrinkles using this technique. Fat transfers are a great way to restore a refreshed appearance in a quick and painless way, under local anesthesia and with minimal downtime. This procedure is often done in conjuction with facelifts.

forehead Lift

forehead Lift

Forehead lift Surgery is a possibility for anyone who isn’t interested in undergoing repeated injections to keep frown lines at bay. The old saying that nothing lasts forever is true in terms of permanent solutions for deep, furrowed frown lines, but surgery provides the closest alternative. This surgery may be right for you if you have a sagging forehead with a stern and angry look, brows that hang too low and too close to the eyes, or frown lines that age you before your time.


This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under general tarzi first places several tiny incisions behind the hairline. Through these incisions an endoscope is passed beneath the forehead skin to release the membranes, which bind the forehead skin. Once this is released, the forehead can be lifted and adjusted. Portions of muscles, which are contributing to undesired wrinkles or creases, are also removed. Pins or special anchors are used to maintain the elevation of the forehead and brows. Bandages are generally not required. Sutures or staples are removed on the 10th day and most bruising and swelling is gone in 10 to 14 days.


A more youthful, relaxed, and rested appearance is possible following a forehead lift at cosmetic Surgery One. Imagine being free from the constant impression of anger and enjoying a more balanced look in the upper face and eye area. Patients also notice relief from frown lines and excess forehead wrinkles


price is depend  on the  area you receive the treatment .  The other way to charge is by unit or anti-wrinkle toxin. This is difficult for the patient to know how much anti-wrinkle injection and surgery process they need as everyone is different. But anti-wrinkle injection may work out cheaper in some cases.

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