lip implant surgery: risks and benefits

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Full lips are one of the many signs of youth and vitality. All one has to do to recognize this fact is to visualize the difference between the lips of a 20-year-old versus the lips of a 70-year-old. The change is one that occurs throughout the whole body and is that of decreasing blood vessels and collagen, which provide bulk. Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure done to make a person’s lips look more plump, full, defined and often younger. Currently, this procedure is easier to do than ever before.

cosmetic surgeon will create gorgeous results for countless women seeking lip enhancement surgery. Women who wish to have fuller lips may consider a lip enhancement procedure, which will place silicone implants inside the lips to add volume and shape. Implants will produce a result that is permanent and may be used in the upper, lower or both lips. They come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes to match the patient’s preferences.

lip Implants

lip Implants

 Lip enhancement using implants places a solid implant according to preferred size and shape that will increase volume in the lips. The result will look and feel natural, especially after several months when the implant is settled in its position. This is a permanent enhancement that can also be removed if the patient desires. The majority of surgeons use two implant types that are available today: Advanta Lip, which uses a synthetic Gore-Tex material that offers a fuller result with a firmer feel; and PermaLip, which is a solid silicone material that offers a soft, natural result.

good candidate for lip implant

Individuals who are good candidates for a lip implant are those that are either looking to add volume to make their lips more defined, or those that want to make their lips look younger, as sun and age break down collagen, which leads to thinner looking lips. People that are the best candidates for lip implant have:

  • Lips that are very thin, almost not noticeable when they are smiling or showing gums
  • Lips that are uneven
  • Lips that are thinning due to aging
  • A need to improve their self-esteem with better look lips
  • Good health
  • Realistic Expectations

Although not everyone is a good candidate for lip augmentation, those that are can not only improve their appearance, but raise their self confidence with this easy procedure.


lip enhancement

lip enhancement is relatively simple to perform. The mouth and lips are locally anaesthetised; then, a small incision is made in each corner of the mouth. The implant is then passed through a tunnel in the lip and positioned in the centre. The process is then repeated for the other lip and the incisions are closed using absorbable sutures. The procedure typically takes less than thirty minutes and normal activity may be resumed the following day

after surgery

It is considered outpatient and the entire process is usually concluded within an hour. After the procedure, the lips will be swollen and there may be bruising present. This will go away after a few days and the patient will instantly see results of the treatment. It may take a few more weeks for the best results to show.

Pros and cons of lip implant

This lip augmentation procedure can be either surgical or non surgical. Now, though lip enhancement surgery has been accepted in a wide range, yet there have been many studies which have come up with a lot of cons about the lip implant procedure and it has been noticed practically that it might be risky many-a-times. So, here will be discussing on the lip implant procedure and also make a clear note on the pros and cons of the same that would surely help you out deciding about if to continue with the lips you are born with or want to enhance them to give an additional beauty dose to your face.

  • The high graded and long lasting implants get you a natural feel to your lips and also as they are the natural human tissues, there are no chances of rejection.
  • These implants are easily inserted into the lips and have no greater risk while implanting.
  • People undergoing the surgical procedure for lip implant; meet with a greater risk of coming up with a comic appearance in lips in case the size of implants do not fit properly. This in turn may lead to the need for some other treatments after the cosmetic surgery.
  • Surgery may also lead to the risk of excessive bleeding and swelling in lips for many days.



Technology today is able to design implants that produce great results when it comes to providing a natural look and feel. Optimal results are achieved when implants settle and integrate with the natural tissues of the lips. It is important to find a surgeon who has the necessary skills and experience when it comes to lip enhancement treatment. Silicone implants are easier to remove than porous implants but both are removable with a secondary surgery.

Alternative treatment

Alternative treatment

If a patient decides that a less permanent treatment is desired, and also want to see how they look before surgery, injectable fillers and fat transfer provide beautiful results. Fat Filler: Also known as fat transfer, fat deposits are harvested from the patient’s own body by means of liposuction. And reinstated with tiny syringes into the lips. Fillers are made from substances that are found naturally within the body such the hyaluronic acid or collagen based solutions. The result is realistic and looks and feels natural. Fillers produce beautiful results, however, they are considered short-term and reinjection is advised every 6 months.

how much does lip implant cost?

The cost of lip implant will vary between individuals and it base on the material is used during surgery, and these will be discussed at your free consultation.

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